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Yoga Gifts for Women

We believe that yoga is more than a workout for your body. While it increases your flexibility and tones your muscles, it also opens your mind allowing you to create inner harmony and balance. Be sure to wear comfort oriented clothing that allows for a maximum range of motion. Explore your limits and reduce your stress while you improve your balance.
 Choose from sports bras, yoga pants and tops that will help you stretch towards your next fitness goal. Modifications exist for almost all yoga poses so you can feel comfortable trying yoga regardless of your age, weight or fitness level. "When you own your breath, no one can steal your peace" - Unknown

Size Chart

Please Note: Our size chart is for general sizing reference only. Measurements may vary slightly depending on style.

Women's Size Chart

InTouch Size Chart

Men's Tee Shirt Size Chart












37 in

39 in

41 in

43 in

True Waist

30 in

32 in

34 in

37 in

Low Hip

36 in

38 in

40 in

42 in

Across Shoulder

17 12 in

18 in

18 12 in

19 in

Arm Length

33 14 in

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35 58 in