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 If you eat organic
produce and avoid GMOs maybe it's time to think past what you're putting in your body and consider what you're putting on your body. Our skin easily absorbs chemicals, like pesticides and fertilizers that are used to produce cotton. These toxic chemicals not only affect the wearer but also our environment, farm workers and the residents living near fields being sprayed.

The Organic Collection of Casual and Fitness Wear from InTouch

Seven pesticides used on cotton in the United States are listed as “possible,” “likely,” “probable” or “known” human carcinogens by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Humming Bird Long V-Neck Organic Cotton Tee

     Here at InTouch Clothing we've designed a line of eco friendly casual wear, suitable for fashion or fitness, made from 100% non-GMO cotton sourced from the USA.

     When you purchase a piece from our Organic Collection you're not only a proud owner of clothing free from cancer causing toxins but you're also supporting American farms and farm workers.

     You're helping to decrease the amount of pollution that seeps out from contaminated crops killing thousands of birds and fish each year, destroying the land and poisoning the residents of nearby towns. 

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"By simply making the choice to wear organic cotton you can make a difference for your health and the environment."

     When we think cotton we think cloth, but only 35 percent of harvested cotton is turned into fabric for our clothing. The seed is crushed and separated into oil, meal and hulls, and that comprises nearly 60 percent of the harvest. The oil is then used in processed foods like cookies, chips, dressings and marinades among many other processed foods. The cotton meal is fed to cows used for their milk and meat due to the high protein content. The remaining 5 percent of the crop is called “gin trash” and is comprised of the leaves, stems and other left over residue. This waste product is sometimes fed to livestock and it can harbor very high levels of pesticide residue.

     By purchasing non-organic cotton clothing you support the companies that spread these toxins through our food supply, to our children and animals. Each dollar they earn allows them to continue poisoning crops and the people who harvest these crops to earn a living.

"Cotton is one of the most chemically intensive crops in the world"

The Goldfinch Organic Cotton + Spandex Leggings    Is it more expensive to produce organic cotton? It is, but overall you won't be paying more than a few dollars per garment. And by producing everything we sell at InTouch Clothing in house here in Los Angeles we're able to pass on that added savings to you. Our organic tops range from $20-$29 and our leggings, infused with curve hugging spandex, start at just $27. We've made it easy and affordable to incorporate organic clothing into your wardrobe.

     With basic silhouettes
like the Long V-Neck Tee and  Swoop Flare Tank you can layer our pieces for year round wear, throw them on for a hiking adventure or a day of errands & lunch with friends. They're versatile, simple yet effortlessly on point for a casual chic look. Did we mention they're dyed at a local dye house with low impact dye? Yep, we thought of everything.

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