10 Fitness Tips for 2016

Most of us include a fitness related resolution in our new year's plan to better our self for the year to come. Whether it's losing weight, gaining muscle or eating healthier the majority of us will ditch our goal by February and give up on making a change. Here's some tips to make a healthier you a reality.

1. Make Small Changes: It's easy to get overwhelmed leading you to give up completely and head back to sitting on the couch with a bag of chips. Start small and swap a piece of fruit for your usual sugary snack to satisfy your sweet cravings. Simple changes and small goals are key.

2. Get Support: Exercise with a friend to keep you on track. You'll be more likely to keep at it if you're being held accountable. You'll stay motivated, have more fun and help your friend achieve her fitness goals as well.

3. Have Apparel That Fits: Comfortable sneakers and workout clothes make a huge difference. You won't be constantly adjusting your outfit or struggling with pain from ill fitting footwear. Make sure you have at least one pair sneakers and two outfits so you won't have an excuse if something isn't clean. Need new workout attire or want to supplement your existing wardrobe? Check out our Active Line.

4. Track Your Goals: Mark your progress on a calendar so you can see what you've accomplished and what needs more work. Weigh in consistently, same day/same time. It's best to weigh yourself in the morning before eating or drinking.

5. Eat More Fruits & Veggies: Fill at least half of your plate with veggies before selecting your portion of higher calorie/higher fat food. It's a simple way to reduce your calories and increase the amount of nutrient dense food you're consuming. 

6. Drink Water: Start your day by drinking water (and eating a healthy breakfast of course) but don't stop there. Stay hydrated through out the day and consume at least 64 oz. Water boosts your metabolism, it's great for your skin and keeps you energized for workouts.

7. Avoid Stress: It's easier said than done but avoiding stress will aid in weight loss and make you better overall. Try taking a few minutes each day to relax and breathe or sign up for yoga classes.

8. Do More Than Cardio: Resistance training will help protect against osteoporosis, cancer, heart disease and diabetes. You don't need to have an expensive gym membership either. Resistance bands and hand weights are compact and cost effective.

9. Get More Sleep: Everyone's sleep needs differ but if you have trouble getting out of bed or trouble concentrating you may not be be getting a decent rest. Try going to bed 1/2 earlier than usual. Don't have any distractions like tv or music.

10. Don't Give Up: We all have set backs and slip ups. Don't let that piece of cake ruin your day. If you skip a workout don't get discouraged. Simply start fresh the next day and get back on track. Over all consistency will make a better impact that striving for constant perfection.

InTouch Healthy New Year Tips 2016

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