Organic Cotton and Bamboo - Our Eco Friendly Line

Utilizing eco friendly materials such as organic cotton and bamboo, we've created a sustainable collection of fitness apparel and casual wear. We offer everything from skirts to shorts with a strong focus on athletic styles.

One of the world's fastest growing plants, bamboo is raised without the use of fertilizers or pesticides. Its fibers are 100% biodegradable. Bamboo fiber is not only strong and durable, resistant to pilling and breakage, it's also incredibly soft and feels like silk against your skin. Due to the naturally porous fiber it excels at wicking moisture from your skin and drys quickly, a benefit for any active apparel piece. Bamboo adapts to your bodies temperature and stays cool in the summer while keeping you warm in the winter ensuring your bamboo clothing can be worn year round. Our bamboo clothing line is also suitable for anyone suffering from allergies.

Organic cotton is softer than conventional cotton and free of pesticides and insecticides. The use of organic cotton is beneficial to the environment as well as the consumer and the cotton farmer. It helps reduce pollution, improves the quality of land and prevents water contamination. By simply choosing a piece from our Eco Friendly Collection you'll be supporting a healthier environment and a healthier you!
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Size Chart

Please Note: Our size chart is for general sizing reference only. Measurements may vary slightly depending on style.

Women's Size Chart

InTouch Size Chart

Men's Tee Shirt Size Chart












37 in

39 in

41 in

43 in

True Waist

30 in

32 in

34 in

37 in

Low Hip

36 in

38 in

40 in

42 in

Across Shoulder

17 12 in

18 in

18 12 in

19 in

Arm Length

33 14 in

34 in

34 34 in

35 58 in