Naturally Slimming Organic "Bamboo" Roll Down Pant by In Touch

Naturally Slimming Organic "Bamboo" Roll Down Pant by In Touch

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Bamboo fabric is a natural fiber extracted from bamboo plant. Bamboo fiber is prepared by pulping bamboo until it separates into thin component threads of fiber which can be spun and colored for weaving into cloth. Bamboo fabric is very soft and it is worn directly next to the skin. Many people can have allergic reactions to other natural fibers, but is not the case with bamboo. The fiber is made naturally without any chemical reactions included in it.

Flared eco-friendly bamboo / organic cotton wide leg pants give a dressed-up edge to wear-anywhere pants with a slimming flat waistband. 66%  cotton, 28% bamboo, 6% spandex. Made with low eco-impact dyes. Cut hem to desired length. 

Designed with a built-in 5' wide slimming waistband, you're left with a super smooth, slim silhouette.

Firm control, wide leg pants
Shapes and smooths hips and thighs
Knitted center seams on front and back
Tag-less for added comfort 
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